3 Christmassy Must-Dos in Copenhagen, Denmark

Every festive season, since 2012, London has tried its best to convince me that it is one of the best cities in Europe to celebrate Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong, it is. However, Copenhagen holds a special place in my heart regarding Christmas. This is the city where you will feel once more like a kid, falling asleep waiting for Santa Claus, eating sweets like hell (secretly!) and being fascinated by the mesmerizing decoration.  Copenhagen has a unique way to travel your memory back then but, if you want to maintain this feeling for the entire trip, you may have to skip the No. 3!

  1. Tivoli Gardens

Don’t be misled by the name. Tivoli is one of the oldest amusements parks worldwide. Rumor has it that Walt Disney was inspired by this park for his Disneyland. Throughout Christmas season Tivoli is just magical! You can expect carefully designed decoration, gorgeous light design, classical music concerts and an impressive variety of events along with the traditional amusement parks facilities such as roller coasters, wheels etc.! No doubt, Tivoli is worthy every penny! I have been to Copenhagen twice, in summer and in Christmas time, and my day at Tivoli was by far the most well-spent!



  1. A night walk from the centre to the Little Mermaid

This sounds like an outsider for Christmas season in cold Copenhagen but, in contrast to the Tivoli Gardens, here you will wander almost alone feeling the peaceful Christmas spirit that city can offer.  You will start from the centre heading to the first stop, the Xmas Market in Nyhavn harbour (maybe the most traditional one!) where you can drink Glogg (the Danish equivalent to the mulled wine) and buy handmade local products. The buildings here are fantastic, right? Kastellet, the next stop, is located just 15 minutes on foot northern of Nyhavn. This is a nearly 400 years old star shaped(!) fortress which still serves army but it’s also open to the public , consisting of a park and two museums. Obviously throughout a night walk everything will be shut but this place is really atmospheric at this time of the year… and maybe a bit scary! You can enter from the south gate and leave from the north one, where you will walk to the statue of the Little Mermaid… in the middle of nowhere! The mermaid is…little indeed and you may feel sorry reading her story as she has been vandalised in several cases! At the same time, you will admire her courage for standing here for over one century despite the hate actions against her. It’s a little girl after all, wish her Merry Xmas please!

  1. Christiania

Freetown Christiania is one of the few (if any) self-proclaimed anarchist districts in Europe.  Self-governing, self-sustaining and autonomous, Christiania is an eccentric place to visit, even if you are not up for weed! The main street has many cannabis stalls covered by camouflage military nets (an oxymoron reference to the previous usage of the area as a military basis, maybe?) and plenty of buildings where people live, work and exhibit / perform their work. Get the Xmas spirit by visiting the main Christiania Christmas Market and don’t be afraid of popping in the (open-to-the-public) buildings in order to find out other smaller/ independent «stores» too. I am in love with this place, the freedom feeling that comes with it and the artists we met, even if, as any other social and economic system, it has many issues that have to be sorted out in some point. Try to read as much as you can beforehand for this distinctive place, the history, the ideas and the challenges behind it and I am pretty sure you will fancy it as much as I do!

As always, all opinions and photos(even though taken by my old camera 🙂 ) are my own.

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? Thoughts? What about your favourite places for Christmas?

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  1. dionysis

    Καλημέρα!! Καλή χρονιά myshoesabroad (βγάλτα στο μπαλκόνι, βρωμάνε!!!), καλή επιτυχία στα σχέδιά σας. Να μας παρασέρνετε και καθοδηγείτε σε όμορφα μέρη…Υγεία, αγάπη, χαμόγελο. Φιλιά!!

  2. Shelby

    I would love to visit Copenhagen for Christmas! I would especially love to visit Tivoli Gardens and try some Glog at the Christmas market. I have been wanting to visit Christiania as well! This is a great list of Christmas activities!

  3. Jin

    This is awesome! I agree – I’ve been to London during the holidays and it’s incredibly festive! I have yet to visit Copenhagen during the Christmas time – seems like a nice city to visit as well during the holidays.

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