A Tasting Chocolate Tour in London ? Yes, please!

A Chocolate Tour in London? How come?

London is not the first European city you can think of when it comes to chocolate and furthermore, chocolate walking tours! Many cities in Belgium and Switzerland in general steal the spotlight for that, at least in my point of view! However, thanks to the royal family and its exclusive and expensive preferences, London city has become the home (or the host!) of many fine chocolate brands that are scattered across. This is one of the many new pieces of information I gathered throughout my latest excursion with Triple , a booking platform for the best local tours across Europe! So, let’s dip into my recent tasting chocolate tour London experience that is called «Explore the chocolatey side of London’s Mayfair with a local guide»!

cocoa tastinq walking tour london
Why are we doing this? It’s a secret , sorry I can’t tell!

Tasting Chocolate Tour meeting point & first impressions

We met up very close to Oxford circus tube station, so it was easy for everyone (locals and tourists alike) to join, and we stepped into the extravagant Sketch. I visited this place for the first time back in 2012 where I felt in love with their egg-shaped colourful toilets and the mysterious atmosphere but this is my first time as a morning visitor! As a combination of a teahouse in the mornings/ a cocktail-bar in the evenings/ an awarded restaurant all day (etc!) I was excited to experience it in the daylight!


We were given a rich hot chocolate (and apple pies!) and we got to know each other and of course our guide Jennifer! She shared with us not only the basic knowledge of the cocoa process itself but also some interesting and funny stories –so important for the relaxing feeling a hot cup of chocolate requires!

Sketch London chocolate

sketch london lights toilets

Mayfair Stops for London Best Chocolates!

After the first treat Jennifer offered us to taste some real cocoa samples before we head to the second destination, one of the royal family’s favourite chocolatiers, Charbonnel et Walker in Old Bond street! If you have never been to London let me help you regarding this street- it’s the base of many luxurious fashion houses, high-end products, exclusive brands and so on.., you get the point, right? We tasted two flower-based fondants (flowers in my chocolate happiness? Not my cup of tea to be honest!) and then, we had the time to wander in this, famous for its chocolate boxes and the rich heritage, chocolaterie.

chocolate boxes london
Stylish chocolate boxes
Charbonnel et Walker in Old Bond street chocolate
Don’t look at the price!

An unbeatable pros of this tour (apart from our guide of course!) is the 10% discount offered for that day in every place. When it comes to expensive fine chocolates in London this is something to consider, right? I used mine in our next stop (a chocolatier called Prestat) for the new invention of the chocolate world…the ruby chocolate! This new pink cocoa miracle couldn’t have found a better home in London! Prestat is a very playful, full of colours chocolatier and it offers great truffles – we were offered one so I picked up the red velvet, you know I am colour-addicted!

chocolate red velvet truffle london
Not my fault! It matches perfectly my outfit, the floor and the  furniture at the same time!
Prestat chocolates London
So colourful and non-traditional chocolate place! I ought to play…sorry to eat here all day!

I can’t stress enough how much information Jennifer shared with us, not limited to chocolates and cocoa though! Facts about London, historical references, humorous stories and thoughtful comments made the experience even fuller. The next place was, for me, the second one of the tour I had already visited before; I couldn’t have missed it anyway as it is a Turkish place, called Kahve Dünyasi, and I love most of the Turkish (similar to Greek!) desserts. One more hot chocolate (prepared in the time-honored way) for us before we take a sneak peak at their laboratory!

Kahve Dünyasi chocolate london
turkish chocolate piccadilly
…and after!!

Time for Soho Chocolates!

Leaving Mayfair behind and getting closer to Soho, I feel this excitement every traveller has for a new place- before booking this chocolate tour I was pretty confident I had visited every corner of Soho for the past 6 years but… I am doubting it more and more now! It turns out that yes I had never paid attention to this corner chocolatier, named after its founder Paul A. Young! This is a relatively new brand that has some of the most colourful and unique flavoured truffles I have ever seen! I never could have imagined that some of the controversial ingredients are matching so well! Mouth-watering!

Paul A. Young soho chocolate
Mango lassi? After the month in the Philippines I am so keen to try it but…
soho truffles chocolate
I opt out for this green rosemary, olive oil… what?? (= DELICIOUS!)

As this is our last stop, I am spending my time watching the customers coming consistently in and out (and it is a Monday!) while being surprised by the variety of the fondants and the truffles. This place even sells Aztec hot chocolate on the go, I will definitely return to try this out as now I am pretty much full of chocolates and I can’t taste any other cocoa related product! Jennifer shares her last tips on how to recognize a good quality chocolate and she mentions again the crucial stages of cocoa process along with new information, oh gosh, she is both a chocolate legend and a cocoa library!

chocolaterie cocoa soho

tasting library cocoa tour london

Everybody is happy but unfortunately, our London Chocolate tour is coming to an end. Three hours have already flown by! I decided to mention only some vital (and exciting!) points from this tour, held by Ecstasy Chocolate tours, as I do not want to spoil the chocolate experience in case you decide to join it! Undoubtedly, I have to give credits again to our excellent guide Jennifer who has a vast chocolatey knowledge and to the local experiences provider Triple (do you want a 25£ discount for your next experience?)  for their professional help while I was looking for (among so many options) an outstanding tour like this; believe it or not I hadn’t taken part in any similar chocolate tour all of these years in London! 

chocolate ecstasy tour london
Chocolate is the answer… (what was the question again? )

Even if I was skeptical beforehand (there are so many food tours in London after all!)  I strongly believe this is a well spent half-day tour and even an excellent Xmas or birthday gift (since it comes with so many perks!). And believe me I have done many tours the years I have spent in London! Well, what do you think? Have you been to any tasting chocolate tour in London / UK/ anywhere else that you can recommend? Comment below please!

sketch london desserts

chocolate brownie piccadilly

PS. As always all of the opinions and photos are my own!

Chocolate tasting tour London worth it!

best chocolate tour in London

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  1. Angelica

    I hadn’t thought of London as a chocolate city either, but the royal family’s influences makes a lot of sense! I love all the unique flavors you shared… I would actually be interested in the mango lassi one 😛

  2. Alaine Handa

    Omg, I’m drooling! I’m actually a chocolate fiend, especially dark chocolate. I make Swedish chokladbollar (and my cookbook is released on the 19th!) so I also like to check out chocolate places a lot and totally a pro at balancing my chocolate and coffee and wine habits with multiple tastings.

  3. Abbie Synan

    I think you’re right, chocolate is always the answer 🙂 Thanks for sharing what looked like a delicious and fun day in London! Next time I’m in town I’ll have to remember to join in on this tour!

  4. Navita

    I was drawn to this post the moment I read Chocolate tasting. I have done this kind of a tour in KL Towers, Malaysia and for the first time, tried durian chocolates too. But these chocolates in Mayfair, London look much more exotic. Would definitely love to try it out during next visit to London.

  5. Bonbon

    My husband loves chocolates (not me) and he loved in London for a few year. I will tell him about this coz I don’t think he knows about some chocolate goodness in London. thanks for sharing!!!

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